Thursday, July 18 2019



Wrinkle Creams: What to Look for



It doesn’t really matter how old you are—it’s never too late to fight back at aging with a variety of products on the market today. That said, not all anti-aging products are equal. Some of these products simply don’t work, while others may work better for different people. That said, some of the more reputable cosmetic companies produce anti-aging creams, cleansers and other products that have helped scores of people to look and feel younger. Everyone wants to keep their skin looking great for a lifetime, and fighting wrinkles is easier than you might think. All you really need to do is take notice of some of the products and techniques we’ve listed here and you should be well on your way to keeping a youthful appearance for years to come.

Most people don’t protect their skin from damage while spending time outside, which is why the first product on our list is an adequate sunscreen. Applying a broad-spectrum SPF 30 sunscreen first thing in the morning can shield anyone from harmful UV rays that dry the skin over time. Then, after sunset, an antioxidant skin cream is best to fight any free-forming radicals the sun may have caused. Recommended here are products such as Obaji Professional-C Suncare SPF 30 and Juice Beauty Antioxidant Serum.

By the time you’re in your thirties, you should consider using Retinol, which helps to balance out skin discolorations and even acne. Using products containing peptides can help reduce wrinkles under the eyes by stimulating the body’s production of collagen. Kinerase C8 Peptide Under Eye Treatment is one such highly rated anti-aging product. Keep in mind these Peptides are instrumental in preventing wrinkles in the first place as well as fighting them after they’ve formed.

Women in their 40s can benefit from anti-aging products that contain a substance most of us consume every day - caffeine! That’s right - the key ingredient in your morning mocha is actually great for smoothing skin tone and reducing puffiness around the eyes. Caffeine is easily absorbed by the skin, and it’s also a vasoconstrictor, which means it causes dilated blood vessels to close. We recommend trying Clinique’s Moisture Surge Eye Gel, an oil-free moisturizer that uses a blend of caffeine, cucumber extract and emu oil to reduce puffiness of the eyes.

Being kind to your pores is also important as people grow older. Rather than frequently scrub your face with regular soap, women ages 40 and up should use gentle cleansers with ingredients such as glycerin or ceramides. As you get a little older, it’s important to look for the right beauty products that are geared specifically towards women your age. Some of the more well-known names like Elizabeth Arden offer great and gentle skin cleansers for women in their 40s that do the job without causing dry skin. One of our favorite gentle facial products is Elizabeth Arden Ceramide Purifying Cream Skin Cleanser.

The aging process can never be stopped, but that doesn’t mean people can’t feel beautiful and revitalized. The anti-aging products in this article - along with healthy dieting and regular exercise—are just some of the options people can try to recapture that youthful essence.