Tuesday, August 20 2019



Top Wireless Internet Providers



High speed Internet service has transformed the way we use the Internet in recent years. Where high speed Internet used to be the exception, reserved for businesses and those who could afford the high cost, now most homes in the United States use broadband, DSL or wireless broadband internet. Everywhere from public libraries and elementary schools to coffee shops and even malls are piping out WiFi signals via high speed Internet connections. The technology and infrastructure now makes high speed wireless internet available to anyone. For most Americans, the top 3 wireless internet providers are Verizon, Comcast and CenturyLink.

The first choice for many consumers with wireless internet needs is Verizon Wireless. Verizon offers wireless internet for most devices, from desktop to handheld phone. They provide service nationwide, and with a wireless plan you don’t have to be within range of a wifi hot spot to get internet service. Wireless coverage is available virtually anywhere, making it very useful for people who need internet on the go. There are many other wireless providers primarily known for their mobile phone plans who offer wireless access to any device.

As a second choice, in home or in business wifi provides wireless service to consumers. Comcast Internet is a leader in this field, with prices according to download speeds. Prices typically start as low as $19.99 (for the first six months) and jump all the way up to as much as $199.95 or more for the fastest speeds available. The cheapest package is around 20Mbps, which is plenty of speed for everyday browsing, email, social networking and chatting. Downloading music and photos may take slightly longer, but you’ll hardly notice. Streaming videos and online gaming may be difficult with the slowest speeds, however. If you choose to to bump your speed up to the max by going with their most expensive package, you’ll be able to run several computers, play games at lightening speeds and download full HD movies quickly. Keep in mind, however, that your Internet speeds can only go as fast as your computer can handle. If you’re using an older-model computer, spending extra money on a faster connection may not make sense.

CenturyLink DSL is the third choice, and is sold according to upload and download speeds. CenturyLink offers nternet service at a fairly low price (usually around $29.99) for the first six months. This deal means you can get speeds faster than you’ll get at Comcast for the same money, but only for the first six months. Before taking advantage of a six-month deal, make sure you’ll be comfortable paying the full price once the six months is up. CenturyLink uses contract pricing, which means you’ll be locked into that price for the remainder of your contract, and could be charged an early-termination fee if you choose to cancel service early.

If both broadband and wireless broadband are similar in speed and functionality, how do you make the decision to go with one Internet provider over another? Most high speed Internet service providers talk a big game and insist they offer the best deals around, so choosing between them can be difficult. Some folks will opt for the fastest ISP, while some will be happier with the cheapest ISP and still others will opt for the ISP that offers the highest speeds for the best value. Looking at specific cable and DSL Internet discounts and packages may help make the decision a little more simple, so let’s take a look at some of the most common pricing tiers for both DSL and cable Internet services with the two most popular ISPs - CenturyLink and Comcast.

Choosing to go with Verizon, CenturyLink, Comcast or another Internet service provider will be a personal choice, based on your specific needs. Streaming HD movies or playing bandwidth-intensive games might require a more expensive package. Take some time to shop around and read reviews for both types of Internet in your area. Contact your local ISPs directly or search for them online to find out about current pricing and promotions, and opt for the company you feel will best serve your Internet needs, as well as your budget. Once you settle on the right package and Internet service provider, you’ll be online and experiencing blazing-fast Internet speeds in no time!