Monday, June 24 2019



Top Senior Cell Phone Plans



With such a competitive market, most cell phone companies are offering great packages that include unlimited minutes and data, but these deals aren’t necessarily great for seniors who don’t want to pay for extras they don’t need or use. For seniors who want a basic cell phone plan that allows them to keep in touch without paying a lot for unlimited data or minutes they won’t use, finding the right cell phone plan can be difficult. There are a few plans, however, that are great for seniors looking to stay connected. The top three senior cell phone plans include prepaid plans that can help control monthly spending, as well as a plan specifically designed with seniors in mind. Keep reading to learn more about the best plans for seniors from T-Mobile, AT&T and GreatCall, so you can choose the plan that works best for you.

T-Mobile’s pay-as-you-go plan is a great option for seniors looking to save money while still staying connected. This plan starts as low as $3.00 per month and includes any combination of 30 minutes or texts per month. You can easily customize this plan to suit your needs by adding more minutes or texts, or just pay 10 cents per minute or message over your monthly allotment. In addition to great savings, T-Mobile also has plenty of simple-to-use cell phones for seniors to choose from, all at affordable prices. Phone prices start at around $60, or you can bring your own phone.

AT&T also offers a great prepaid plan that’s ideal for seniors that want to take charge of monthly spending. The AT&T GoPhone Daily plan costs just $2.00 per day of use (you’re only charged on days you make or receive a call or send a text), and days you use your phone you receive unlimited minutes and texts. In addition, AT&T offers a great selection of cell phones that are great for senior users, and phone prices start as low as $20. You can also bring your own phone and pay a $4.99 fee to purchase a SIM card to use on the AT&T network. No activation fee is required.

Finally, GreatCall is a cell phone plan designed specifically with seniors in mind. Unlike T-Mobile and AT&T, however, this plan is intended to be used only for emergencies. The GreatCall WeTalk 200 plan costs just $14.99 per month and includes 200 voice minutes, but data and texting is not included. The plan is designed to be used with either the Jitterbug Flip phone ($99.99) or the Jitterbug Smart ($149.99), both of which are highly user-friendly and a perfect option for seniors that want a simple phone with a simple plan. GreatCall services run on the Verizon network, so you never have to worry about coverage. Customers may also choose to include an optional health service on their plan.

Regardless of which cell phone plan or phone you choose, opting for a plan designed to help keep costs low by not paying for services you’ll never use is a great way for seniors to stay connected without breaking their monthly budget.