Friday, October 18 2019



Top Flea Control Options



Fleas are troubling and persistent pests that can infest your home in a matter of days. People who have dogs and cats might find occasional fleas on their furry companions—but all it takes is a few fleas to start spreading out of control. Once infestations take root, you may need a professional exterminator to fully eradicate the problem. The top three solutions for home flea control are Orkin, Terminix and Frontline products. Just be prepared to call an exterminator if your problem is out of hand. Read on to learn more about these top-rated flea control options.

Orkin is a leading national pest control company that provides comprehensive flea treatments for homes and businesses. Orkin pest control experts perform inspections to gauge the severity of flea infestations, and then they recommend extermination options along with ways to prevent flea infestations from recurring—this may include sealing up cracks in walls and foundations or exterminating other pests that might serve as food sources for fleas. You can request a quote for flea extermination services through Orkin’s website. Also, Orkin protects its customers with 30-day money-back guarantees.

Another great option is Terminix, another nationwide pest control company that’s heavily experienced in flea exterminations. Terminix is currently offering a discount from its pest control services, and customers can schedule free inspections or get free quotes from the Terminix website. In addition to providing reputable flea control services, Terminix also offers literature to help people understand their flea and pest problems. Terminix offers a 100 percent money-back guarantee for controlling fleas, and exterminators can treat homes within a single day. After the initial treatment, Terminix technicians come out to your home three more times over the course of the following year to prevent against infestations returning.

If you don’t want to call an exterminator right away, you can possibly get results from Frontline flea control products. Frontline Plus is a great product that is applied to the skin of dogs and cats. Over several weeks, this product is absorbed into your pet’s hair and skin, working to repel fleas and destroy flea eggs. It’s best to start using this product before infestations take hold.

Fleas are bad news for homeowners, and they’re also bothersome for house pets. Getting rid of fleas can be difficult and frustrating, but with expert help it can be done.