Thursday, January 23 2020



Top 3 Cable TV Deals



Looking to upgrade or start new cable TV services? Now is a great time to shop for cable, with nationwide cable providers offering amazing promotions for new customers. We’ve reviewed many of the latest cable deals to bring you our top three—the Xfinity X1 Saver XF Play, Verizon FIOS Extreme HD and the Xfinity Digital Starter TV Package. Each of these packages is affordably priced with their own unique benefits. You aren’t guaranteed to always find deals this good. Read on to learn more about these top-rated cable TV deals.

First up is the Xfinity X1 Saver Triple Play, which is a great cable deal for those who also want phone and Internet service. A triple-play package bundles all these services under a single monthly bill. This Xfinity deal requires a two-year contract, but in return customers get more than 100 channels including Bravo, Esquire, NFL Network, ESPN and Disney. They also get up to 1000 GB of data usage at Internet speeds up to 25mbps, which is plenty for folks who sometimes stream movies and music or frequently play online games. The phone service includes unlimited local calling, and the X1 cable box and other hardware is include. For just $104 per month for the first 24 months, this is a great plan offering all the services you’ll need.

The next cable TV deal on our list is the Verizon Extreme HD package. This outstanding package isn’t a triple-play or even a double-play deal—it’s all about TV. This Extreme HD plan offers more than 330 channels including more than 100 with HD programming. The expansive channel lineup includes BBC America, FX, Sundance TV and more. Watch live sports, news, comedy, documentaries and more. The cost for this plan is less than $80 per month and it can be upgraded to a triple-play package with 150 Mbps high-speed Internet for an additional fee. Premium movie channels can also be added for small monthly charges.

The third plan on our list is the Xfinity Digital Starter TV plan. This is the most bare bones of our top-rated TV deals, but it’s perfect for folks who only want cable TV service at an extremely affordable rate. This plan costs less than $45 per month and still grants access to more than 140 channels including FX, ESPN, Nichelodeon and HGTV. The Xfinity Digital Starter TV plan doesn’t include Internet service, but that only matters for folks who are into streaming and gaming (and don’t have smartphone data plans). Need a simple service, or something temporary to bridge the gap? If so, this is your deal.

Finding cheap cable TV services is easy thanks to these three outstanding deals. You might find promotional deals that are even better in your area, but these deals are great starting points if you’re looking to start or upgrade your service.