Monday, April 22 2019



Top 3 Action Movies of the Past Decade



The last ten years have rocked in the action movie scene. Special effects, three dimensional technology, super human strength and powerful story plots have entertained all of our senses. And we haven’t even mentioned the hot actors and actresses that make the movies we love to watch over and over again. Here are three of the top action flicks, among many, that have taken us on a thrill ride.

First, we think you will agree that Pirates of the Caribbean Dead Man’s Chest (2006) was a real thriller. It was the second in a series of movies released by Walt Disney Productions and was a fantastic thrill ride that included drama, friendship, romance, history and humor. Johnnie Depp returned as beloved Captain Jack Sparrow, a shrewd, un-kept, loving pirate who stole the hearts of male and female viewers alike. His quirky style, memorable lines and fantastic sword fight scenes are what action thrillers should be. The story of Captain Jack and his friends, Davy Jones played by Bill Nighly, Will Turner, played by handsome Orlando Bloom and Elizabeth Swann played by British actress Keira Knightley go on a roller coaster ride as Davy Jones returns to collect a debt from our favorite pirate, Jack Sparrow. The crew must find a way to prevent losing Depp’s soul for eternity and the fun begins. This soon to be classic features outstanding music scores, special effects and a tremendous cast. This second Pirates of the Caribbean in a series was the number one film of 2006 earning nearly a overwhelming $1.1 billion.

Next in line is The Wolverine (2009) featuring one of the X Men super heroes and immortal mutant, Logan. The story begins in 1945 where Logan who never ages, can heal immediately and whose hands become lethal weapons is a POW in a Japan camp where he saves a Japanese war hero, Yashida. Fast forward to the present time where Logan lives a tormented, guilt filled life because in previous X Men movie, The Last Stand, he was force to kill Jean Grey who he loved. Her dreams haunt him and he can’t find any peace. He is found by old man Yashida who wants to take Logan’s mutant healing abilities from him to heal his cancer. The movie takes many twists and turns as Logan is drawn into the lives of these Japanese characters and becomes vulnerable when a “bug” is put into his body that drains his powers. But isn’t mind over matter with this mutant hero. Not only is Hugh Jackman a force to be seen, the fighting scenes with marital arts professional, the special effects, the thought provoking storyline and the exceptional location are breathtaking and keep you on the edge of your seat until the end of the movie. Logan not only falls in love with Yashida’s granddaughter, he saves the day as only The Wolverine can.

The third movie on our list is The Bourne Legacy (2012) that didn’t star Mat Damon in this popular franchise, but Jeremey Renner steps in as the agent, Aaron Cross. He is brainwashed just like Jason Bourne and the viewer gets a front row seat into the ins and outs of secret intelligence agencies creating genetically enhanced super humans with super minds and super powers. Since the actions of Jason Bourne threaten to destroy years of research the government goes on a mission to terminate all the their trained agents. Aaron has a different plan and wants out. This action packed thriller sparks multiple chases, thrilling fights and a loving romance when he falls for one of the beautiful researchers. This is a powerful story that will keep you guessing what will happen next, especially the end.