Monday, June 24 2019



Pirelli Tire Deals



Are you on the market for a new set of Pirelli tires? If so, now is a great time to buy. Pirelli tires are being offered at discount rates by major tire and wheel retailers across the country. We’ve scoured some of the best offers available to find the top three Pirelli tire deals. You can see these deals for yourself by checking out Walmart, Sears and Tire Rack. Pirelli tires have been among the nation’s leading consumer tires for years because of their quality and dependability. Do any of these great deals put a new set of Pirelli tires in your price range? Check out the following deals and find the best Pirelli tires for your vehicle.

The first deal we’d like to show you is the Pirelli P Zero Nero on sale through Walmart, which offers in-store installation as well as ordering for any of its tire-fitting locations. This all-season Pirelli tire is also a high-performance model that provides exceptional handling and traction at all times of the year, even in light snow. However, the performance characteristics of this tire make it especially effective in the spring and summer months, when the roads tend to be dry. This model features silica-enhanced tread compounds and an asymmetric tread design for increasing roadway contact while also moving away water. The P Zero Nero is reinforced by internal steel belts. Walmart charges a low fee of just $12 per tire for installation costs, making this a great deal for drivers who want performance all-season tires.

Next up is the Pirelli Scorpion on sale through Sears, which also has tire store locations nationwide. The Pirelli Scorpion is one of the best tires on the market for SUVs and crossover SUVs that frequently drive in snowy conditions. The tire was designed for optimal cornering and braking on snow-covered roads, even when on hills. This tire also performs well on wet and dry roads, designed to minimize roll resistance while offering a quiet ride for people in the vehicle. These tires are rated for speeds up to 130 mph and are covered by a Pirelli warranty.

The third deal on our list is the Pirelli P Zero being offered through Tire Rack. The P Zero is a maximum performance summer tire that’s ideal for any kind of coupe, sedan or sports car, though it’s best for cars that pack quite a bit of power. These tires are true summer tires in that they’re not intended to be driven in temperatures below 45 degrees Fahrenheit, which can lead to cracking of the compound because of how they’re designed. The P Zero performance tires feature a carbon black tread compound and a special tread compound that’s molded into the tire’s asymmetric design for peak handling, traction and hydroplaning resistance. These are ideal tires for people who only drive their fun cars on sunny days.