Tuesday, August 20 2019



How to Choose the Best Coffee Maker



Coffee. For most people, coffee is the best way to start a new day. In fact, more than 55,000 coffee shops exist in America, ready to brew a cup of joe for the masses. In fact, those coffee-loving masses drink an estimated nearly 2.25 billion cups of coffee per day. Thanks to gourmet baristas and innovative coffee flavors, the standard of coffee has risen, and more coffee drinkers are expecting the same level of caffeinated perfection in their home kitchens. When choosing a coffee maker for your own home, there are three important things to consider: the way the coffee maker interacts with the beans, the way water is incorporated, and what options the coffee maker offers.

To achieve an optimal and rich cup of coffee, it is best use freshly roasted beans. A good coffee maker will have a basket for you to place your own grounds (as opposed to a pre-packaged pod that has been stored on a shelf for weeks), but a great coffee maker grinds your beans before each brewing session. Grinding the beans immediately before brewing will ensure that you have the richest cup of coffee possible. Bonus points if a coffee maker comes with a reusable mesh filter, which saves you on money on the paper filters and is environmentally friendly.

Brewing coffee is a simple concept: add hot water to coffee grounds and then filter out the grounds. However, the type of water you use greatly affects the taste of the coffee. When looking for a great coffee maker, look for one with a charcoal filter for the water. Using a filter will remove the impurities from tap water, which results in a more pure taste.

The third aspect to consider when choosing a new coffee maker is to inspect the options on the coffee maker. On a traditional drip coffee maker, the carafe is kept warm on a burner; however, left too long on the burner and that great cup of coffee is now burnt tasting. Choosing a coffee maker that has “auto off” option eliminates the chance you’ll end up with burned coffee. A coffee maker with a stainless steel carafe will keep the pot of coffee warm without “cooking” it as a burner might. Another helpful option on a coffeemaker is a programmable brew, a setting that allows you to adjust the time the time that the coffee maker will automatically brew a fresh pot of coffee. A busy morning might be a little less hectic when your coffee is already waiting for you.

The way a cup of coffee can be customized makes each cup as unique as the person drinking it. What is consistent, however, is freshly roasted and ground beans, pure water, and a good filter to produce a smooth, rich cup. Choosing a coffeemaker that grinds beans prior to brewing, filters the water, and has the helpful functions will guarantee that you can enjoy a cup of coffee that will rival those at local coffee shops.