Monday, April 22 2019



How to Avoid Money Problems in Relationships



Money problems are among the biggest issues faced by people who are in relationships. How you spend it, what you budget, and learning to balance how the two of you spend your hard earned cash can be an adjustment. While some people work through financial issues easily, others hit the rocks over irreconcilable differences. If one person is a saver, and the other is a spender, money matters can lead to constant fighting and tension with no hope for resolution. Or, what if the balance of power is uneven since one partner makes much more than the other? There are endless reasons to disagree over money struggles, so here are a few tips and trick to make sure that those problems don’t end your relationship.

Lay Everything Out There In the Open

If you have a joint checking or savings account then everything is pretty much out in the open as far as spending goes. If you still maintain separate accounts, then once a week go over what each other is spending. Hold the other person accountable in a loving way. Save your receipts, and look over all of them once a week. That way you can talk through how much the other person spends, and find ways to cut back if you need to before you get in over your heads with debt.

Don’t Spend In Secret

It’s hard to say this, but women especially love to shop and buy things that they then hide from their spouse. It’s the old, “oh this blouse?” “It has been in the back of my closet for ages!” (Of course, they hide the receipts and throw out the brand new tags to complete the rouse.) It’s not a good habit to get into. As for the guys? Don’t make a big purchase without touching base with your spouse first. That big screen TV doesn’t just need to show up, making her mad in the process. Talk it over first.

Budget Together

When one spouse does all of the budgeting, handles the bills, and pays them every month without letting the other spouse in on the details, the person without the knowledge of the bills can become complacent. So figure out your monthly budget together, and both be educated about where your money is spent, and how bills get paid.

Talk With a Financial Planner

If you want to save for something big like a down payment on your dream home then it helps to talk it over with a professional financial planner. They can set you on the right course, and get you both on board with your financial goals in life. It does ease the pressure of doing it all yourself.

Keep In Mind, It’s Only Money

You can’t take it with you, and in reality would you rather save your cash or your loved ones if your home caught on fire? Obviously, you would pull the one you love from a fire any day over a bunch of money. Stuff is just stuff. And when in a relationship, stuff is bought with both of your money, and it’s not worth fighting over if you can find common ground.