Monday, June 24 2019



Get Started in Frisbee Golf



Disc golf is a wonderful sport that can be played anytime of the year. It can be rewarding as a competitive game, but it can also be used as a replacement for a workout or to give a boost to a normally casual walk or hike in the park. No matter your intention for playing, disc golf offers a fun way to exercise in the setting of a natural environment. Enjoy the health benefits of playing outdoors without risking boredom. This game is just like a golf/Frisbee hybrid, but with rules and an agenda.

It is important to consider the right disc to use when just starting out with the game. Some disc golf courses will have extra discs available for those who come unprepared. If they have them, they will either be for sale or ones that players have simply left behind. This wont always be the case, however. That’s why it is smart, just in case, to go ahead and purchase a few discs to use so you can get started without a hitch. According to the experts, there is no real absolute beginners disc, but many novice players report that the game is less difficult in the beginning when using certain discs over others. For instance, a disc called a punt is durable and responds to direction easier than with other, slimmer discs.

The large rim on the punt disk, the rim being the ridge that travels around the outside edge of the disc, also seems to help new players with their aim and distance. When it’s larger, there is more area to grip, giving the player more control over where the disc will travel. As a player advances in skill, they may lean toward using a thinner model or not. Learning how to use the trees around the goals as bounce off points is a fun trick to master also, and a punt is the easiest disc to learn this trick with. For good practice, chain basket goals are for sale, or they can easily be made from hardware store parts.

Dics golf courses come in a range of sizes, terrains, and qualities. Many cities and towns now have at least a couple of different options to chose from. It is best to check out the course online before deciding on the best place. Check out photos and reviews of the course in question. If you are in a mountainous area, things can get interesting with cliffs, drops and corners. I flat terrain will be more predictable and straight forward.

Disc golf is ideally played competitively, with teams or one on one. It’s a perfect party or date game as a cheap way to spend 1-3 hours and actually have lots of fun. Groups of 4-5 people playing against each other will have the best time. Stay fresh and practice up with solo expeditions to work on your aim. Disc golf is a great way to work out with friends or alone, but it is also a great way to meet people.