Thursday, July 18 2019



Earn a High School Diploma Online



Earning a high school diploma online can be life-changing for some people. People who never finished high school earlier in life can gain access to better jobs with higher pay, or they can move on to college and pursue degrees with even more potential for advancement. Are you thinking about going online to finish what you started as a teenager? Just because you dropped out of high school back in the day doesn’t mean that your career has to suffer forever. Many online high schools offer accredited online programs so you can finally earn your high school diploma and move up the career ladder.

There are plenty of benefits to choosing a virtual high school for this next stage of your life. You’re not limited to the standard period of schooling from September until May or June. If you want to register in July or even in December, you can. You can also pick which topics that you prefer to focus on, although you will have to learn reading, writing, science, mathematics, and social studies too. However, you don’t ever have to report to a physical classroom. If you work part-time or full-time, you can learn when you have the time. You also set your pacing, working as you can so you’re not overwhelmed.

A few of the top online accredited programs include virtual schools like Penn Foster High School, James Madison High School through Ashworth College, and the Keystone School. All offer the chance for you to earn your high school diploma. Penn Foster has classes for grade levels nine through 12 with courses in physical education and health, social studies, science, math, English, humanities, and electives. At James Madison, you can enroll in a college prep high school diploma track if you plan on furthering your education or you can sign up for the general high school diploma track. The Keystone School offers classes at middle school and high school levels as well as credit recovery courses.

As an alternative to a virtual high school, you may elect to take the General Education Development or GED tests. When you pass, you earn your high school diploma through credit equivalents. Kaplan Test Prep has GED practice tests as recent as 2014; you can also order a book or take a course to ensure that you study smart and pass the test the first time. GED for Free won’t cost you any money to take practice tests on topics like science, social studies, writing, reading, and math. ed2go has a great class that you can enroll in that’s 24 hours over the course of six weeks. You’ll learn how to ace each GED topic that you’ll be tested on.