Thursday, January 23 2020



Donating to Charity



Donating to charity is a great way to make a difference. Volunteering is selfless and civic-minded, but charitable donations empower larger organizations to use their vast resources to help others. Even Uncle Sam recognizes the value of charitable donations by allowing donations to be tax-deductible. That said, where should you make your donation? Not all charitable organizations are equal—some are known to use higher percentages of donations on overhead costs rather than programs. Three charitable organizations with consistently high ratings are the Breast Cancer Research Foundation, the Conservation Fund and the Big Brothers/Big Sisters of America. Read on to learn more about these great donation options.

First on our list is the Breast Cancer Research Foundation, a nonprofit organization based in New York City that sometimes fundraises under the abreviation BCRF. This organization’s missing is to promote breast cancer research with the goal of improving treatments and someday finding a cure. According to CharityWatch, 90 percent of the BCRF’s fundraising dollars are invested in the organization’s numerous grants and programs, with the remaining 10 percent going to overhead. The organization raises an estimated $58 million per year in contributions and has an A+ rating from CharityWatch.

Next on the list is the Conservation Fund, a charitable organization based in Arlington, VA that advocates numerous environmental causes. The Conservation Fund partners with the private and public sectors, and other nonprofits, with the goal of promoting sustainable communities, protecting land and water resources and training tomorrow’s environmental leaders. A whopping 97 percent of this organization’s contributions go toward grants and programs, with just 3 percent going to overhead costs, according to CharityWatch. In addition, the Conservation Fund receives roughly $112 million in donation per year. This organization gets CharityWatch’s A+ rating.

The third option on our list is Big Brothers/Big Sisters of America. Based in Tampa, Florida, this organization has locations in cities throughout the country with the goal of providing valuable mentoring services to children in foster care, low-income families and other at-risk living situations. This large organization has an A rating from CharityWatch with 86 percent of contributions going to grants and programs and total annual contributions of roughly $9.7 million. This group also fundraises under the names Latino Bigs and Mentoring Brothers in Action. The Big Brothers/Big Sisters of America houses sports programs, tutoring programs and much more.