Monday, June 24 2019



Choosing the Right Summer Camp



Summer camps are terrific opportunities for teens to have great adventures while learning valuable skills that they can use for the rest of their lives. Summer camps are great for young adults who love to socialize or troubled teens who maybe don’t socialize enough. Summer Camps can be good for teens who enjoy spending time outdoors or who want to learn specialized skills and interact with like-minded individuals. No matter what teens are interested in, there are summer camps that are perfect for their needs. There are hundreds of summer camps available to choose from nationwide. Many of these programs provide teens and young adults with life-changing experiences they will never forget. Here is our review of the top 3 national summer camp programs for teens.

The first camp on our list is the well-regarded Appalachian Mountain Club’s Teen Wilderness Adventures. The Teen Wilderness Adventures program is located across New England in Maine, New Hampshire, New York and Massachusetts. This is the ideal camp for those teens who enjoy adventure during the summer. For teens 12-18, this program offers anywhere from 5-20 days. Teens can enjoy a variety of activities like backpacking, hiking, mountain biking and rock climbing, or even water activities like canoeing, rafting and kayaking. And for teens who don’t have any experience in the outdoors they may soon find a new appreciation for it. Put into groups of six to 10, teens are safe under the care of two instructors at all times. Rates for this camp are around $1,000 per week, but that’s nothing compared to the priceless social and survival skills teens will get out of it.

Outward Bound offers a variety of programs for teens, but by far their most helpful and effective programs are their Struggling Teens & Young Adults expeditions. Rather than taking the boot camp discipline approach, they take a more compassionate approach to address destructive or disruptive behavior. Teens at Outward Bound camps will have fun in a supportive environment and will learn priceless skills and life lessons that they can carry with them the rest of their lives. Whether addressing substance abuse, emotional problems or academic problems parents and teens will notice positive changes. Just as important, teens will also have an opportunity to realize talents and uncover their true potential. By interacting with other teens and positive role models, teens will find plenty to enjoy on this getaway.

The final program on our list is Film Academy Camps. With locations in California, New York, Boston and Florida, Film Academy camps are perfect for students who love films, and what young person doesn’t? Courses for this camp are taught at the same level for high school students as they are for college students. These camps provide hands on learning with professional equipment and instructors. By attending this camp film students will learn how to create entertaining and thoughtful films. And since it is a camp that encourages hands-on activity, students will learn the same valuable social skills as any other camp. Like-minded teens will be able to share their love of films and inspire creativity in others. Film Academy Camps is especially good for teens planning to become film majors in college.