Thursday, July 18 2019



Choosing the Right Infant Formula



Ah, the miracle of childbirth! Bringing a tiny human into the world is a gift of life that will ultimately require a great deal of many things, but chief among them will always be 3 things: affection, energy, and financial expense! Of course, in exchange for a child to call their own, most new parents are more than willing to make this trade. Keeping a baby healthy and helping it grow strong are among the most important goals in the first year of parenthood. Many mothers achieve that by breastfeeding, but in this day and age, many women are choosing to use infant formula instead for a number of compelling reasons you will learn about here. We’ll explore all that baby formula trivia every mother should know: the 411 on organic vs. processed infant formula, the truth about why baby formula is a great choice for mothers, the best baby formulas out there (Enfamil, Similac, and Honest Baby are the top 3 infant formulas on the market today!), and on top of it all, we’ll give you some unbeatable formula coupons so that you’ll be able to afford the best of them:

First, let’s start with the basics. Baby formula is a manufactured food that is designed for babies under one year of age. Baby formula comes in both powdered and liquid form, with the powder normally being mixed with water and the liquid prepared either with or without water. Most formula is made with an altered cow’s milk that is meant to resemble breast milk, so as to make the formula easier to digest and offer the right balance of nutrients.

On that note, clearly not all infant formulas are the same. They come packed with different nutrients, different consistencies, and all can have different effects on your baby. It’s important to first consult your doctor before making your selection, as they may have some suggestions for what type of formula would best suit your baby.

Why use baby formula instead of breastfeeding? As you may already know, the purpose of breastfeeding isn’t just to provide babies with sustenance: a mother’s milk can also prevent allergies and infections as well as protect infants against numerous chronic conditions. However, breastfeeding is not for every mother and thanks to the creation of baby formula, that’s more than okay. It is a personal choice for every mother to make, and there is no wrong one! Breastfeeding can be painful, and it also requires mothers to continue to be aware of what they eat and drink because it can be passed to the baby through breast milk. Aside from the obvious such as alcohol, things like drinking coffee would be an issue because of how many babies are sensitive to the effects of caffeine. Some babies also have special dietary needs, whether that means difficulty with digesting breast milk or nutrient deficiencies their mother’s breast milk cannot provide. Additionally, since babies don’t digest breast milk and formula at the same rate, formula-fed babies can actually go longer between feedings! It’s easy to see why this could be a big selling point for busier parents who still want to make sure their baby is well taken care of. Infant formula is also often used alongside breastfeeding, together, so it’s important to know that the choice certainly doesn’t have to be an all or nothing experience.

Enfamil is one of the best infant formulas on the market, especially because they offer a line of products that can cater to your baby’s special dietary needs according to your doctor’s recommendations. These routine formulas give your baby, infant, and toddler all the important vitamins, nutrients, and supplements it will need to be happy and healthy! Luckily, Enfamil shares incredible special offers on their website (worth up to $250 in value!) for new families who join their Family Beginnings program, like a free hospital cooler bag packed with a free sample of their Newborn Formula product, money-saving coupons, and so much more!

Similarly, Similac also provides special lines for toddlers with dietary needs, such as sensitive tummies. Their product line includes prenatal supplements for mommies-to-be, as well as breastfeeding and supplementing and routine feeding formulas. For example, their Similac Advance Stage 1 routine feeding formula has been made designed to closer emulate breast milk than ever before, with a closely matching caloric density to that of actual breast milk! They even have a tool on their website that helps you choose what’s the right formula for your infant! You can find great coupons to afford Similac as well. They, too, offer a Mom’s program like Enfamil called StrongMoms, which signs you up for great nutritional tips, discounts, savings, and up to $300 in benefits! Many mothers choose Similac and Enfamil for these reasons.

Lastly, we have Honest Baby infant formula. This brand is all about organic nutrition, offering up all their baby products without any harmful additives and all-natural ingredients. This wonderful brand was actually founded by the famous Hollywood actress Jessica Alba! While this is the only organic brand out of the three we’ve discussed here, they all offer both infant formula and supplements for new moms who are breastfeeding as well. On the Honest Company’s website, they offer a free trial of an entire line of their products, and even offer a monthly delivery bundle that could save you up to 40% per month on their products!

Now that you have the full rundown of what infant formula is all about, where to find the best brands, how to be able to afford them, and how to figure out which choice is right for your baby, you can feel confident in your future selection. Remember that the best infant formulas are designed to emulate natural breast milk and sometimes even offer more nutrients than a mother can naturally produce, so you can know for sure that baby formula is both a safe and educated choice for feeding your newborn, infant, or toddler. Go, mommy, go!