Thursday, January 23 2020



Choosing an STD Clinic



The Center of Disease Control estimates that roughly 19 million new cases of STD infection will occur each and every year. Sexually active adults owe it to themselves to take proper care of their health in all aspects and this should take shape in several different ways. Regular check ups with a doctor should be mandatory with trips to STD testing clinics included in the regiment, as well. Unfortunately most sexually active adults don’t have a proper perspective when it comes to what consists of a solid STD testing clinic. There are many different ways that patients can choose the clinic to entrust their health to and listed below are just a few of those options.

Getting an STD test, no matter how responsible, can be an embarrassing matter. Many people do not wish to talk to their doctor about their sexual habits, especially if they’ve been seeing the same physician for many years. For this reason alone it is beneficial to find an STD testing clinic that offers confidential testing. Some clinics require that patients get approval letters from their GP before testing can go underway. Finding a clinic that offers STD testing without needing a doctors approval can be a real difference maker. For patients w ho are embarrassed about the prospect of STD testing they should look for a clinic that offers this confidential testing process, as protected by the HIPPA laws currently in place. Patients who do decide to follow through with completely confidential screening should know that they will only need to give a minimum amount of information and that their results will be returned with an anonymous name on the label. This information cannot be given to an insurance company.

Patients who are not shy about talking to their doctors about STD’s and STI’s will want to instead try to keep everything under one roof. The medical world is filled with constantly moving information and paperwork so when it is possible to limit the amount of hands changing information the benefits are obvious. Patients who get their STD and STI testing approved through their general practitioner will experience quicker turnaround times and more involved counseling.

One of the final aspects that patients should consider when looking for an STD testing clinic is the availability that the location will offer. The average STD screening process should take a patient no more than 15 minutes or so in the room with a physician. From there the clinic will mail off their sample in order to get it tested. A quick turnaround will have information delivered to the patient within a week or so. While there are clinics that offer ‘mail to the house’ kits, these clinics are fairly rare in most major cities. This means that patients will have to commit to going for an in person visit. When patients have to go to an STD clinic for screening they will typically have to take off work. Finding a clinic that has expanded hours can be a great benefit for patients that have regular 40+ hour a week jobs.