Tuesday, March 26 2019



Buying Tires: Top Brands to Look For



New tires can make all the difference in the handling and safety of your car. Drive on tires with too little tread, and you may hit trouble on rough or wet roads. Newer tires are safer and more durable, and they’re covered under warranty to protect drivers’ wallets. There are many brands of tires that each offer products best suited for different types of cars. For example, SUVs call for tires with premium grip to maximize handling and prevent tipping, while high-performance sports cars often have wider tires to provide safer travel at high speeds. Buying the right tires means doing your researching brands and prices for the kinds of tires you need. Read more to find out about three amazing tire brands that could improve the safety, handling and overall performance of your car.

Founded in 1871, Continental was one of the first ever tire companies. Their expertise in tires, brakes, and other automotive components comes from their nearly 150 years of experience in the industry. The German company specializes in producing quality tires with the features required to make a vehicle move quickly and safely. With its purchase of General Tire in 1987, Continental entered the North American tire industry and has been providing American cars with their premium tires ever since. Be it a sedan or a sports car, Continental has a tire that is right for your vehicle. While some sports car tires can run up to $500 per tire, Continental’s high performance, all season tires are ultra-responsive and only cost around $100-150 per tire.

Another brand that has been impressing car drivers for over 70 years is Toyo. The Japanese tire and rubber company was established in August of 1945 and immediately began producing truck tires. Their main brand in America is Nitto, which was purchased in 1979. Both German and Japanese automotive engineering has been praised in North America for decades, and their tire companies are no different. Nitto specializes in truck tires as well as tires for sports and luxury cars. Their sports car tires do run a little pricier than Continental - their specialty ultra high performance sport tires start at around $150. The Nitto NT555R tire is less sensitive to heat degradation to optimize hard braking should you decide to take your car to the race track and it comes with superior grip to make sure that any swift turns will be completed safely.

The last brand on our list is another exceptional Japanese tire company by the name of Bridgestone. You’ve undoubtedly heard of Bridgestone and how their tires are exceedingly reliable and popular, especially for trucks and SUVs. The first Bridgestone tire was produced in 1930 and the company’s track record has only increased in popularity since. This brand is a little different from the others, because it also produces commercial tires for commercial vans and trucks. This is an incredibly positive feature for the company, because you can be sure that the company values high quality and reliability and will offer those same trends to your personal car.