Sunday, September 22 2019



Booking a Hotel in Las Vegas



Las Vegas hotels are stylish, luxurious and flat-out entertaining. Even better, they’re often affordable. After all, Sin City doesn’t make money from hotel rooms - the various resort hotels and casinos want you at the gambling tables, and they’ll pull out all the stops to keep you in town. That’s why there’s so much value to be found when booking hotel rooms in Vegas. Want a room with a big-screen TV and a giant Jacuzzi tub? Or how about a room with an amazing view of the legendary Las Vegas strip? When vacationing in Vegas, you can get a hotel room that has everything you ever wanted. And finding hotel deals for Las Vegas trips is easy. Just visit the various resort and popular travel websites for all the latest offers.

When in Las Vegas, a great rate on a hotel room leaves you more money for gambling, fine dining, clubbing and partying. On websites like Expedia, Priceline, Kayak or Travelocity you can find and compare the best Las Vegas hotel deals and savings suited to your budget. Booking hotels off-season, which for Vegas is October through April, will provide you with plenty of discounts and save you a considerable amount. Additionally, if you see a similar hotel in the area that has a better price, call the hotel you want to stay at and they may be willing to match their competitor’s price.

Choosing a great location can be just as rewarding as saving. Choosing a hotel within close proximity to restaurants, shopping centers, attractions or whatever other destination you have planned on your trip will save you a lot of time. Especially in Vegas, you’ll end up spending more money on cabs than you do at the gambling tables if you spend haphazardly on getting around. And forget about rental cars in Vegas - there’s so much traffic that you’re better off just strategically choosing a hotel. Many people go to Vegas to see fantastical live performances, and you can often get cheap hotel tickets when bundled with Las Vegas Show tickets while also cutting out the need for cabs. And after your show, you can enjoy some beverages and delicious desserts before heading back up to your swanky hotel room.

Also when booking a hotel, make sure it offers plenty of amenities. This is pretty common in Las Vegas, but some rooms come better equipped than others. In fact, some Las Vegas hotel rooms even have interesting artifacts, such as props used by celebrities during famous movies. Most Las Vegas hotel rooms don’t have kitchens (who wants to cook in Vegas), but some hotels have much better access to cheap restaurants and buffets. You can also purchase buffet passes with some Vegas hotel rooms! And, of course, most hotels in Las Vegas have their own pools - but some hotels have their own miniature water parks, which is even better.

Last but not least, always read the reviews. Reviews can tell you the pros and cons of a hotel so you can decide yourself. Don’t just look at the rating, because a deal breaker for one person might not necessarily be one for you. And remember to look at the date of the review. If reviews a hotel 5 years ago were negative, but are now positive, the hotel may be under new management.