Tuesday, August 20 2019



Best Places to Find Coupons Online



Not long ago, using coupons involved scouring through weekly circulars and clipping the coupons you planned to use, which could be quite time consuming. With the internet in nearly every home, however, coupons have become much easier to find and use. From websites dedicated to couponing to emailed coupons from manufacturers, there are plenty of ways to get free printable coupons on all your favorite brands and products, so you never have to clip another coupon again!

Online Coupon Sites

The first stop for many consumers looking to save a bit of money through couponing is one of the many online coupon sites. These sites often offer a searchable collection of coupons for hundreds of different brands and products, and the well-maintained sites keep coupons current and updated, so you can be sure you’ll never end up downloading an expired coupon.

CoolSavings.com, Coupons.com and CouponNetwork.com are just a few of the top coupon sites on the web, and most require you to sign up to access the coupons. Before you sign up for several different sites, however, you should note that many coupon sites have the same coupons, so you won’t necessarily get access to more coupons just by signing up for more sites.

Newsletters & Email Lists

Another great way to get access to exclusive printable coupons, promotions and deals is to sign up for newsletters or email lists for your favorite brands and products. Companies often send out exclusive deals to email subscribers that won’t (and can’t) be shared on coupon websites or other means. If you have a few favorite brands or products you purchase regularly, make sure you sign up for any coupons and deals they may offer!

In order to keep your inbox under control, however, only sign up for the brands you really love. There are thousands of brands out there, and getting an email from several different brands will quickly get overwhelming and cause you to miss great deals on the brands you love most.

Social Media

There are thousands of different grocery brands on Facebook and Twitter, and though you can’t follow all of them, social media is a great way to get access to exclusive printable coupons, promo codes and other offers. Companies often turn to social media first when testing out new products, which can mean huge savings for you if you’re subscribed to their page.

As with newsletters, your best bet is to pick a few brands you really love and follow them on Twitter or “Like” their page on Facebook. That way, you get the coupons and savings you want, without having to browse through posts and statuses for other brands.

Brand Websites

Brand websites are another great way to get printable coupons for the brands and products you love. Oftentimes, coupons that aren’t available on popular coupon sites or social media can be found on the brand websites. Keep in mind that printable coupons aren’t always advertised on the front page of the website, so you may need to do some digging to find the coupons you want. Many brands have a page dedicated to sales, coupons and promotions, so look there first.

If you don’t find what you’re looking for, you can always email the company to inquire about printable coupons. In some cases, the inquiry alone will get you a coupon or two in response, as well as a heads up on where you can find coupons in the future.

Coupon Exchanges

There are many forums and websites now set up to allow users to exchange coupons with each other. This is a great way to get coupons you really want, while also getting rid of the ones you won’t use. Users can list coupons they are looking for, as well as coupons available to trade, and interested parties can make contact through the site’s messaging system or simply respond to the thread. It’s that simple!

The only drawback to coupon exchanges is that you’re limited to the coupons other people don’t want or can’t use, so you’re not likely to find coupons for very popular or in-demand items. However, since these are coupons obtained by individuals, coupon exchanges often include exclusive coupons form brand websites, email newsletters and social media, which can sometimes save you the trouble of signing up for those things yourself!