Thursday, July 18 2019



Best Checking Account Options



In the day and age of digital money, it is now more important to have a checking account than it was twenty years ago. Because of this, many banks across the country offer quite a bit when it comes to a checking account but what are the best options that should be chosen? When it comes to choosing the right checking account there is a lot that has to be taken in to consideration. How many fees there are, accessibility of the account nationwide, and if there is any minimum deposit due. Here is a list of the top three checking accounts can offer and why they should be considered. Though this list is not exhaustive, it has some of the great options any account should have.

One of the great ones is the checking account that PNC Banks offers. It is called Virtual wallet and provides customers with easy online access to their accounts, access to your account from any PNC location, free transactions at any PNC ATM, and no fees for doing your banking through their mobile app. The customer service has been ranked very well and it is all around good for those who are looking in to personal banking needs. You can get everything fee free if you can maintain $500 dollars in the account.

The second on the list is Capital One’s 360 checking account which is provided by Capital One. This account sports the ability to access your money and account from any of the 38,000 Allpoint ATMs found nationwide for no feeds, a free MasterCard debit card, and overdraft protection. If there is a lot of traveling involved, this is a nice account due to there being a mobile app available, reduced ATM fees at non-participating banks and no foreign transaction fees if overseas. They also offer overdraft forgiveness in case there is anything that goes wrong with a transaction. There is no minimum balance or monthly fee.

The final one that is great for those looking to open a checking account is the SalemFivedirect eOne Checking account which provides its customers with no minimum balance or monthly maintenance fee while reimbursing up to fifteen dollars per statement cycle of any ATM fee charged by another bank. Any ATM within their network is also free of any surcharges. They also provide an Interest Earning Account for those looking for a bit more return on their money and a mobile app to allow you access to your bank account anywhere, anytime. There accounts are also free of all fees except for overdraft and requesting a payment stop on the account. A simple and straightforward account for a first account.

Each account above has its own, unique benefits and the right one is dependent on what the customer is looking for. It is worth shopping around and making sure that the bank you chose is right for you and that the benefits provided by the account are exactly what is wanted.