Tuesday, August 20 2019



2017 Hyundai Genesis: Affordable Luxury



The 2017 Hyundai Genesis delivers on just about every expectation one might have of a world-class luxury car—and does so at an incredible price. A fully equipped V8 Hyundai Genesis hovers at the same price point as any entry-level midsize sedans from more renown luxury brands. This tantalizing low price is often what first captures drivers’ attention, but it’s more about what the luxury sedan can boast of that keeps people behind the wheel. The 2017 Hyundai Genesis offers an incredibly roomy interior outfitted with leather upholstery, a smooth and comfortable driving performance, top-rated safety equipment and technology, and a sleek fastback profile designed to turn heads. All pulled together, this redesign has certainly earned the Genesis a place as a legitimate contender in the field of world-class luxury vehicles.

Consider first the interior features. Modern drivers, connected as they are with their smart devices, expect the same forward-thinking technology that’s in every other avenue of their lives to be in their vehicles. The 2017 Hyundai Genesis comes standard with the basic tech must-haves of a touch-screen navigation system, Bluetooth, push-button start, USB ports, and seven-speaker audio systems with satellite radio. But the model also goes further to offer unique safety technology and power rear sunshade for convenience paired with effective design. Business drivers and families will appreciate the ample 15.3 cubic feet of cargo space characterized by a wide opening ideal for luggage and a hands-free Smart Trunk feature that automatically opens whenever the key holder stands near the trunk for over three seconds.

The focus on the 2017 Hyundai Genesis has been performance partnered with comfort. Once inside, road and wind noise are virtually nonexistent while drivers navigate the roads with an 8-speed automatic transmission and a selectable driving mode system offering four unique performance settings: Eco, Normal, Sport, Snow. This system is available on both the V6 and V8 engine models and is designed to give drivers more control over the vehicle’s handling. For instance, in Normal and Sport mode, the transmission is quicker in downshifting to provide ample power when and where desired. The V8 model additionally has an air suspension that has its own two modes of Normal and Sport to allow drivers to choose between maximum cruising comfort or tighter handling.

Finally, while such luxury features and outstanding performance capabilities are important, the key measure of any vehicle’s suitability lies in its safety equipment and technology. The 2017 Hyundai Genesis comes standard with base safety tools like side and curtain airbags, traction and stability control, and ABS. However, this model also goes a step further to offer unique features like a stolen vehicle tracking tools and an airbag deployment notification. Additionally, drivers can enjoy state-of-the-art safety tech assists like blind spot detection, lane departure warning, front and rear parking sensors, and rear cross traffic alerts. These newer safety tech additions are designed to help the driver with alerts and mini-corrections where needed to ensure the driver, passengers, and the vehicle itself get to each destination safely and securely.